Meet Father Kevin Storey, CSB

As Superior General of the Congregation, Father Kevin Storey, CSB strives to lead the Congregation with the same openness that initially attracted him to the Basilian Fathers and prompted him to join the Congregation of St. Basil. “Basilian priests always made the Gospel accessible for me as a student and now we as a Congregation have to imagine how to best preach about Jesus in today’s world.” said Father Storey. In 2012, Father Kevin was appointed President of St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas and held this appointment until he was elected Superior General in July 2018. “I didn’t
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Meet Father José Del Toro, CSB

Father José Del Toro, CSB has explored many activities and identities in an attempt to fit in, before realizing that Congregation of St. Basil was the best fit. “God gave me a place where I belong after feeling like I was on the outside for so long. I truly feel like I belong with the Basilian Fathers,” he said. José grew up in Mercedes, Texas in a two bedroom house, where the living room also served as his bedroom. He was raised in a Catholic family by his parents, José Felix and Mary Ann. His four older sisters were a
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Meet Father David Zapalac, CSB

Father David Zapalac, CSB’s 25 years of priestly ministry have come full circle. In 2016, he returned to St. Anne’s parish, where he began his ministry in 1994 working with the 1200 Spanish speaking families as a part of the Hispanic ministry with Father Enrique Bravo, CSB. Upon his return, he was delighted to witness how the Hispanic ministry has grown and become fully integrated into the greater church. Today, everyone in the office speaks Spanish; Masses in Spanish are held on Wednesday and twice on Sunday; and most importantly the Hispanic ministry has moved into the main building, whereas
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Meet Father Morgan Rice, CSB

In preparation for his latest assignment as pastor of St. Basil’s Church, Father Morgan Rice, CSB opened his heart and mind to the new experiences that will come with taking on the administrative role associated with pastor in ministering to a different demographic. As with each appointment, he knew any preconceived notions would be proven wrong and his gifts would be used in unexpected ways. “I have learned to see each appointment as a blessing and graciously do what’s asked,” he said. After graduating from the University of Virginia in mechanical engineering, Morgan was eager to live and work in
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Meet Father Glenn McDonald, CSB

Father Glenn McDonald, CSB reveals God’s plan for him through an unlikely combination of love and logic. As a student of science and follower of Jesus, he explains, “There is a pattern and logic to how Jesus works and once it is revealed, it can help you discern what God wants.” His life is comprised of patterns: he repeatedly relies on his personal relationship with the Holy Spirit to confront challenges and achieve the big ideas God has in store for him. Father Glenn McDonald grew up in a small town north of Calgary, Alberta, with his parents Doug and
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Meet Father Paul Walsh, CSB

As a Basilian, I’ve had an enormous amount of freedom and resources to grow in my faith and professionally. - Father Paul Walsh, CSBFather Paul Walsh, CSB has spent his 30 years of priesthood principally involved in parish ministry but also with appointments in high schools and campus ministry, but he has discovered that his current ministry in formation in Mexico provides many more opportunities for education than he thought possible. “As a Basilian, I’ve had an enormous amount of freedom and resources to grow in my faith and professionally while developing deep friendships with a company of men,” he said. Currently he serves as the director of scholastics in Mexico City, Mexico. By living in the second most populated city in the Western
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Meet Father Mario D'Souza, CSB

The ultimate goal of Catholic teaching is freedom, instilling internal and spiritual freedom in the student.The Basilian community was deeply saddened by the passing of Father D’Souza on Tuesday, September 26, following a brief, but aggressive, battle with cancer.  Although Father Mario D’Souza, CSB had much to celebrate in 2016, including his 25th anniversary of ordination and the publication of his book, A Catholic Philosophy of Education: The Church and Two Philosophers, his greatest achievement remains finding stillness and solitude in his work. He was initially attracted to the priestly way of life for the importance the vocation places stillness and solitude, but he has found that they do not come easily in active ministry.
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Meet Father Jefferson Thompson, CSB

There aren’t enough of us [Basilians] to do all the work that God wants us to do. - Father Jefferson Thompson, CSBInitially inspired by his Basilian high school teachers, Father Jefferson Thompson, CSB was determined to join the Congregation to educate the next generation in goodness, discipline, and knowledge. In pursuit of this goal, he continued to be inspired by his confrères and broadened his understanding of what it means to be Basilian. In 2016 he celebrated his 25th anniversary of ordination, and was thankful to share the experience with three of his confrères, Father Mario D’Souza, CSB, Father Joseph Pilsner, CSB, and Father Joseph Roussel, CSB. They were all ordained during the summer of 1991 and have relied on each other
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Meet Father Alvin Sinasac, CSB

As a Congregation, we’re fairly flexible in our work, spirituality, and charism. We’re not just educators,we’re also pastoral. - Father Alvin Sinasac, CSBBasilian life may be a far cry from the life he imagined, but Father Alvin Sinasac, CSB appreciates the journey God set out for his life. “As a Congregation, we’re fairly flexible in our work, spirituality, and charism. We’re not just educators, we’re also pastoral,” he said. “This flexibility makes it easier to move from one place to another or from one level of society to another.” Alvin grew up on a farm in Amherstburg, Ontario. His parents, Elwood and Ilene, were devout Catholics and he attended Mass every Sunday and on Holy days with his seven siblings. It was
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Meet Father John Huber, CSB

I’m able to keep in touch with graduates as they establish their families, it’s great to look back and see how happy and successful they are,and we Basilians had a role in thembecoming these people. - Father John Huber, CSBBasilians touch the lives of many within their classrooms, parishes, and community. Father John Huber, CSB, carries on the traditions of his Basilian education and laying the foundation for the future in his roles as President of one the Basilian high schools, Catholic Central, and a member of the General Council. Despite his busy schedule, he looks forward to celebrating Mass at St. Fabian’s Parish in Farmington Hills each weekend. “I’m an extrovert and energized after celebrating mass with such a big community of good, holy people” he said. He is also energized by keeping in touch with friends and
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