Meet Father Paul Walsh, CSB

paul_walsh  Fr. Paul Walsh, CSB has spent his 30 years of priesthood principally involved in parish ministry but also with appointments in high schools and campus ministry, but he has discovered that his current ministry in formation in Mexico provides many more opportunities for education than he thought possible. “As a Basilian, I’ve had an enormous amount of freedom and resources to grow in my faith and professionally while developing deep friendships with a company of men,” he said. Currently he serves as the director of scholastics in Mexico City, Mexico. By living in the second most populated city in
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Meet Father Mario D'Souza, CSB

d'souzaAlthough Father Mario D’Souza, CSB had much to celebrate this past year, including his 25th anniversary of ordination and the publication of his book, ‘A Catholic Philosophy of Education: The Church and Two Philosophers’, his greatest achievement remains finding stillness and solitude in his work. He was initially attracted to the priestly way of life for the importance the vocation places stillness and solitude, but he has found that they do not come easily in active ministry. Mario was born in Karachi, Pakistan to Ophelia and Archibald D’Souza and became an older brother to Melvyn. His childhood years straddled the
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Meet Father Jefferson Thompson, CSB

jefferson-thompsonInitially inspired by his Basilian high school teachers, Father Jefferson Thompson, CSB was determined to join the Congregation to educate the next generation in goodness, discipline, and knowledge. In pursuit of this goal, he continued to be inspired by his confrères and broadened his understanding of what it means to be Basilian. This year he celebrates his 25th anniversary of ordination, and he is thankful to share the experience with three of his confrères, Father Mario D’Souza, CSB, Father Joseph Pilsner, CSB, and Father Joseph Roussel, CSB. They were all ordained during the summer of 1991 and have relied on
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Meet Father Alvin Sinasac, CSB

father al sinasacBasilian life may be a far cry from the life he imagined, but Father Alvin Sinasac, CSB appreciates the journey God set out for his life. “As a Congregation, we’re fairly flexible in our work, spirituality, and charism. We’re not just educators, we’re also pastoral,” he said. “This flexibility makes it easier to move from one place to another or from one level of society to another.” Alvin grew up on a farm in Amherstburg, Ontario. His parents, Elwood and Ilene, were devout Catholics and he attended Mass every Sunday and on Holy days with his seven siblings. It was
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Meet Father John Huber, CSB

CC HuberBasilians touch the lives of many within their classrooms, parishes, and community. Father John Huber, CSB, carries on the traditions of his Basilian education and laying the foundation for the future in his roles as President of one the Basilian high schools, Catholic Central, and a member of the General Council. Despite his busy schedule, he looks forward to celebrating Mass at St. Fabian’s Parish in Farmington Hills each weekend. “I’m an extrovert and energized after celebrating mass with such a big community of good, holy people” he said. He is also energized by keeping in touch with friends and
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Meet Father Howard Keon, CSB

Father Keon06Father Howard Keon’s, CSB key to success is simple, whether it’s flying missions over Germany during WWII or leading novices in prayer, be kind to others and work hard to be the best you can be. Howard was born in Haileybury, Ontario in 1920 to James and Clair Keon. He was the oldest of four siblings. His Father was a self made man, having moved out on his own in Grade 8 he worked hard and eventually finished high school and attended Queen’s University. He had ambitions for all of his children. Howie remembers him lining them all up and
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Meet Father Maurice Restivo, CSB

Maurice RestivoEven by Basilian standards, Father Maurice Restivo, CSB has held a variety of appointments across North and South America including teaching at Detroit Catholic Central High School, serving as the Assistant Academic Dean at the University of St. Thomas, and working as a pastor in Houston and Cali. “I made the decision that I would never say no to an appointment. I take it seriously that it is God’s will,” he said. His willingness to answer this call has taken him to some of the most dangerous places in the world, sometimes even challenging his faith in God. A Houston,
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Meet Father Paul English, CSB

father paul englishFather Paul English, CSB became pastor of the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish as it was transitioning from five former parishes to form the largest parish in the Diocese of Rochester, New York. Leading people through change may be difficult, but as a Basilian he is prepared for the challenge and he can always count on his brothers for support. “I found that this particular assignment draws on everything I’ve done in my Basilian life. Random experiences have come to focus here and allowed me to lead this community toward realizing its vision,” he said. His fond experiences of living in
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Meet Father Andrew Leung, CSB

father_leungIn the fall of 2015, Father Andrew Leung, CSB stepped into his new role of Director of Spiritual Life at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto. Andrew first taught at the prestigious all boys’ school as a lay teacher in 2001. He felt there was something special about this independent school, more than the school’s strong hockey culture. The most noticeable difference was the overwhelming sense of community among the teachers, students, and parents. This sense of community among the Basilians follows Father Andrew, no matter where life takes him. Father Leung was born in Calgary to Gemma and Hok-Ling Leung.
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Meet Father Owen Lee, CSB

fr. owen leeWhen asked once, Father Owen Lee, CSB declared that the Basilians’ special virtue is versatility. His own versatility allowed his passion for education and opera to flourish throughout his 35 years as a priest educator with the University of Toronto. Father Owen was born in Detroit, Michigan to Robert L. Lee and Helen Miller, and was the second of five boys. Despite his parents’ struggles to support the large family during the Depression, his childhood was loving and happy. Having attended Catholic elementary school, Owen wanted to attend a Jesuit high school, but his father balked at the higher tuition
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