Basil Bowl Strengthens Bond of Brotherhood between Basilian High Schools

On Saturday, October 10, St. Thomas High School in Houston welcomed its Basilian brother school from Toronto, St. Michael’s College School, for a spirited game of football as part of their growing Basil Bowl unity. The two teams built upon the bonds of brotherhood discovered at last year’s Basil Bowl in Toronto, when the St. Michael’s Kerry Blues hosted the St. Thomas Eagles. The competition between the two teams was fierce again, but in the end the Basil Bowl trophy was awarded to St. Thomas. More important for their coaches, teachers, parents, and Basilians were those special moments when they marvelled to see these students from both schools intermingling and conversing during meals together, playing video games with each other during a colourful and entertaining welcome party on campus, and spontaneously coming together for a pick-up game of shirts and skins on the following day’s field of competition. After the Basil Bowl game was over, and following trophy presentations, the post-game experience of both teams walking off the football field in a natural blend of red, white, and double blue spoke eloquently of the core values of the Basil Bowl: to build a stronger brotherhood between Basilian high schools through shared encounters within the diverse co-curricular activities and pursuits of our students, to create cultural exchanges and learning experiences with lasting memories, and to deepen the spirituality of student life while growing together in goodness, discipline, and knowledge.

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