Meet Anne Marie Handsor

Basilian Lay Associate Lay Coordinator, Windsor Area


anne marie handsorAnne Marie Handsor was born in Windsor and grew up in a very loving home with her four siblings. Her parents, who identified as French Catholics, introduced her to Catholicism at a very young age; most days she went to Mass in the morning and in the evening said the Rosary with her family.

She was married to Gerald (Jay) in 1973 and together they have two children and three beautiful grandchildren. “My family life is very full, active but filled with a love that I would not give up for anything, although sometimes I would enjoy more quiet time,” she said.

She has served as a Customs Officer at the Ambassador Bridge for 45 years now and enjoys meeting many people including a few celebrities, the most famous were President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Chretien. Working as a job sharer gave her a balanced life that allowed her to spend more time with her family, help her husband in his office, and work as a fitness instructor for many years.

She looks forward to retirement in the near future and has a strong desire to volunteer both at the Church and somewhere where there is great need, possibly in a hospice or with people suffering from depression. “Helping people who think life is too difficult to keep going on fulfils my greatest desire,” she said.

Five years ago she was introduced to the Basilian Lay Associates through Father Chris Valka, CSB and through him she had the privilege of meeting Basilian Lay Associate, Mary Anne Seguin. “I saw in Mary Anne something very deep and spiritual, something I yearned for myself, and as I got to know her I fell in love with both her and the Basilian Lay Associates,” said Anne Marie.

Anne Marie made her first commitment to the Lay Associates three years ago and will make her first three-year commitment this November. She always enjoys spending time with the Basilians and looks forward to many more years serving as a BLA. “What a great day that was when Fr. Valka introduced me to the BLAs,” she said.