Meet Cathy Poirier

Basilian Lay Associates Lay Coordinator, Rochester Area

Adopted at birth through the Catholic Family Center, Cathy Poirier was blessed with wonderful parents and later a sister and raised in Rochester. She attended St. Salome’s grammar school and then East Ridge High School.

As an adult, she married and had three children. In the 90s, she began attending Christ the King church where she was introduced to the Basilian Fathers and she enjoyed their giving and caring nature. She and her husband became more and more involved with the church. In 2011, when her husband passed away after a 25 year battle with cancer, the Basilians were there for her in her time of need. “You can talk to them and feel like if you need them they’re there. They’re such amazing people,” she said.

By now Cathy was also retired and looking for something more in her life. She was asked to consider becoming a bereavement minister, which involved greeting people at funerals. Through this role she had the privilege of meeting Basilian Lay Associate, Suzanne Grout. When Suzanne spoke about becoming the Basilian Lay Associates, Cathy was interested and decided to attend a meeting. In 2012 she made a one-year commitment to the Congregation and now in 2015 she serves as the Lay Coordinator for the Rochester area. As a Lay Associate, Cathy attends prayer meetings once a month, visits the retired priests, and offers the Fathers rides to appointments. “I liked them from the start and now I have love for them. I think they’re wonderful,” she said.