Our Way of Life

The ministry of the Basilians takes many forms, all seeking the glory of God.

Our founders made it their special concern to serve the poor in their need for Christian education. We must do all we can to see that our schools do not exclude the poor, and in all of our apostolates that we do not compromise with any form of social injustice. We must be sensitive ourselves and ready to awaken the consciences of others to the drama of human misery and to the demands of social justice made by the Gospel and the Church.

The principles of how we live in community and practice our ministry are captured in a document known as The Basilian Way of Life. The Basilian Way of Life was first written in 1983 and updated in 2000.

“The Basilian Way of Life is a source of inspiration that guides and strengthens Basilians and unites us ever more deeply in our common mission of education and evangelization.”

The Basilian Way of Life, Preamble


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