Both as individuals and as communities we must come to recognize that the Father, Son, and Spirit dwell in us and call us to share their life. Prayer is a response to this call; it is an absolute necessity for us. The people to whose service we are called count on us to give continual praise and thanks to the Father for all He has done and to make intercession for each other and for all of those in our care. Without real prayer on our part, the life and work to which we are called will be beyond our capacity.

One expression of our prayer is public worship. In each of our houses this consists in the daily offering of the Eucharist and morning and evening prayers according to the Liturgy of the Hours. Priests are strongly urged to celebrate and non-ordained members to assist at Mass every day.

In the celebration of the Eucharist, all Christians are brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit. For this reason, we celebrate it whenever possible with each other, as well as with those with whom we work.