As a community, our lives are centered around the Eucharist. The rhythm of our day is supported by the Liturgy of the Hours held in common, as well as the spiritual exercises and meditation adopted for one’s personal prayer.

Perhaps the best description of Basilian spirituality is as a hybrid between diocesan and religious prayer and work. Because the Basilians were founded by ten diocesan priests who came together out of necessity during the French Revolution, our spirituality finds its life in both the work of the apostolate and the love of God experienced in the community.

In practice, Basilian spirituality is much like that which is found in the Book of Sirach, for we believe that all aspects of life can lead a person to God. This is why we are not just teachers of religion, but of all disciplines whether they be languages, sciences, humanities, athletics, and so forth.

Each of these, when used out of love and for the betterment of our community, convey the love of God for the world. Basilians believe that spirituality is not limited to our churches and theological discourse, but lived out in every thought that manifests itself in the world.